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5 Craziest Vending Machines Around the World

5 Craziest Vending Machines Around the World Inconveniences are a thing of the past like stable employment or having to talk to people...

5 Craziest Vending Machines Around the World
5 Craziest Vending Machines Around the World

Inconveniences are a thing of the past like stable employment or having to talk to people now it's all about saving space and not having a person on staff you have to pay why run a small convenience store gas station when you can fit just about everything into a vending machine and why stop at useful items these are the top 10 craziest vending machines from around the world I hope there's a Japanese vending machine for dip puppets number 10 a gold vending machine it's gold on the outside and on the inside I guess this is a vending machine for the oil tyrants who just can't wait another minute this vending machine scans the current gold market connecting via the internet and gets an automatic price adjusted for inflation and of course for currency then you put money into the

Machine and you get out an equivalent amount in gold I don't think it deals in amounts less than a thousand dollars so this isn't a vending machine that most people use frequently I'm pretty sure they're only found in Saudi Arabia and the UAE the United Arab Emirates which again makes sense this isn't something their average person is using when the old Saudi King gives his pockets are a little light instead of jamming them full of dollar bills which could easily float away he simply heads to one of his gold vending machines you never know when the need for a solid gold bar is gonna come if there was one vending machine I'd really want a robber cheat it would be this one but I imagine there as well guarded as a Swiss bank number 9 a hotdog vending machine with any perishable food coming out of a vending machine you have to be careful getting a sandwich out of a vending machine that's a risky proposition that could be 4 months old that could be 2 years old or it could be fresh you don't know it probably costs not very much - and it's probably not gonna taste great but with a hot dog it doesn't matter see if you grew up anywhere near a city like I did hotdogs spend all day out on a roller anyway so it doesn't matter if they're fresh or not hotdogs can last like 45 months without having to be eaten so a hot dog and a vending machine that's a great idea the condiments I'm not so sure about but the hotdogs part I can get behind maybe you should bring your own condiments to the vending machine oh wait I just remember they make packets of condiments so that's probably fine too I'm all behind the hotdogs bending machine another one that I would gladly cheat or steal from and as a potential role model I encourage you kids to do it to remember kids

smoking won't make you cooler but it'll certainly help number eight a pizza vending machine this is another one that I initially want to get behind but I'm uncertain of how fresh the pizza would be as far as I could find right now they're only available in Italy because of course they would be and it makes a piping hot fresh pizza that you have to go get and put money in and wait but it only takes like two minutes which is impressive must superheat it or something with nuclear fission it's a pizza the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles none of you know who those are anyway I am kind of behind this idea but I don't want but if you're gonna get pizza is it just better to get it delivered to your doorstep and sometimes that's not an option I've lived in places where major chains don't deliver but usually local ones will they'll pick up that slack and then there's GrubHub or something else maybe Italy doesn't have internet or GrubHub it's more likely they don't have GrubHub or something medic machine pizzas doesn't seem like a terrible idea it just seems weird also what if it spills it everywhere what if the tomato sauce goes bad cuz tomato sauce can go bad really fast depends on if you leave it in the can or not if there's iron in there it's gonna go bad fast it's gonna taste funky oh so I wouldn't want to order like a Chicago deep-dish pizza out of this thing because then it's just gonna fall everywhere and you're gonna have pizza soup it probably can't make that in two minutes number seven personal touch candy vending machine this vending machine doesn't save the person who installs it any money and it also doesn't save the consumer any time so it exists though

probably in Japan if I had to guess the personal touch candy vending machine is a vending machine that gives you candy but there's a person inside the vending machine and they hand you the candy so there's a human being there they'll try anything over and over in the Land of the Rising Sun won't they more like Land of the Rising Sun you're saying give me some of them dick puppets don't mind if i caress your hand when i take them from you it's an interesting idea it just defeats the purpose of a vending machine right to cut costs and not have an employee Japan loves banding machines I don't know if this is in Japan but come on I think it's a safe assumption Japan or Korea one of those depending machines man every street corner like 50 of them don't even have real people anymore you're just vending machines with money go to other vending machines and put the money into the vending machine then destroy the good turning it into money and that continues forever Japan's population actually hit zero in 1982 Nintendo that's just a video game vending machine Toyota well that's just a car vending machine get your facts straight dislike unsubscribe number six a puppy vending machine this just seems like a bad idea waiting to happen it's a vending machine you go up bet you have to fill out a form or talk to someone and then you get a puppy but you probably don't have to fill out a form or talk to someone then you still get a puppy just I hope someone checks on these puppies regularly to make sure they don't die in the machine also the idea of just giving a puppy to someone without a background check I don't know how much I like that this could quickly turn into that hot dog vending machine if the people involved aren't very careful you don't saying I'm sure there's got to be someone there it's it's animal abuse if there's no one there they can't just put dogs into a machine and then leave it alone for a week and see what happens that's not how that works so this is probably a lie number five musical accessories there's a vending machine oh there's a vending machine I think in Washington specifically Seattle that distributes the musical accessories guitar strings guitar picks drum sticks and a whole host of musical accoutrement for your acoustics this is kind of nice considering I actually recently had to get a replacement pair of drumsticks it wasn't too hard to find but they are kind of expensive so I'd be interested in seeing this vending machines prices however I don't see the demand in the market for a vending machine for this kind of thing unless

they're specifically appealing to street performers who are nearby because I think there's only like one of these vending machines so they're appealing the street performers who don't have a car and can't go to a music store because there's a lot of music stores and they just walk on up to this vending machine and then they can continue their mediocre at best street performance now that's cornering a niche market if I've ever heard it I wish it was on this list it's not I couldn't find a vending machine that vended guns except for one in the United Arab Emirates which I don't count because it's not really a vending machine but I would happily sponsor a vending machine that sold guns and musical accessories number four bike parts oh crap on your way to your street performance your guitar string broke luckily you live in Seattle or whatever the hell that vending machine is you passed the infamous musical accessories vending machine yourself a new guitar string for your acoustic hipster guitar that looks like crap it's vintage so it's not crap it just looks like it it's actually crap but then you get back on your bike and you get jackknifed by a four-door pickup truck he skates off into the distance and you're left with only a bleeding leg and probably a nasty concussion but your bike the chain broke in an unrelated instant after the accident and now you're screwed but what's that you see as you hobble forward towards another vending machine a vending machine for bike parts hooray you can fix your bike well you could pay someone to fix your bike for you because you have literally no useful skills and then continue on your way to your jam session at the teahouse that's also running heroin out of the back that's the only way it stays open so I don't judge everyone's got to make a living somehow disappointment for all why bother to get help from another human being because you're an introvert and there's a vending machine with all your vending needs except they don't make a vending machine for personalities yet number three used books I really like the idea of this vending machine a vending machine on the side of the road it just has used books in it I would probably buy a bunch I like reading I like to store half priced books I I kind of like Barnes and Noble but everything there is very expensive although the recreation leather back covers are very nice anyway a used vending machine bookstore sounds like a great idea I hate having to deal with people who think they know things about books because they've read soon Tzu's the art of war I don't like dealing with

people this sounds like the ideal dream vending machine for me screw all those vending machines that have food nobody likes that number two used underwear what's wrong with people well here did you look at this up and number one dream vending machine no it doesn't vend your dreams that's stupid what it does do is 3d print whatever you want out of it so I guess this could be a gun a vending machine or a you or a used underwear vending machine or any kind of vending machine and that's why it's number one on this list because this vending machine could theoretically fend another vending machine and that's all that matters god I'm still gonna be sick maybe this vending machine can vend me up a sense of faith in my fellow human being or a pepto-bismol at the very least theoretically this vending machine has all of the answers to all of the world's problems hidden within its bendable walls it can fend food I guess also models of things anything that you can imagine it can vend Rick and Morty things why not I'm looking at that on my Facebook page so it came to mind theoretically this is the ultimate vending machine especially as 3d modeling takes off in the next couple years and they get better and better and eventually everyone will have little flash drives on them with 3d things that you want printed out like dice or Gardens.



Sowhat: 5 Craziest Vending Machines Around the World
5 Craziest Vending Machines Around the World
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