FOOD SCAMS WE ALWAYS FALL FOR Hey everybody how's it going extreme trend here and welcome to the top ten food scam we always fall for ev...


Hey everybody how's it going extreme trend here and welcome to the top ten food scam we always fall for everyone has the snakey suspicions that they have been shortchanged when they go out eat or pick up some groceries well your concern that just might be grounded in reality it seems that sometimes when we think we're getting the short end of the stick we just might be getting it far worse than we ever imagined today we're exposing the 10 worst ways that restaurant businesses and even grocery stores may be tricking us into paying more and getting less for our money so grab a pen and paper and get ready to take notes the next time you go out to eat make for a night

on the town or just head to the store for some chips what'd you find out my shot to number 10 portion illusion how much is a medium soda versus a large at your favorite fast-food joint a dollar maybe more thanks to the miracle of dirt cheap ice cubes and not being able to see the difference in cup sizes until we get them in our hands there's no way to actually know how much more you're getting until you put them side-by-side and measure them for yourself that is if you could be bothered to do so by that time your money is already into their pocket many establishments end up pulling these kinds of tricks to make us think the portions we're getting are bigger than they actually are back in 2014 somebody exposed McDonald's using this exact same trick and none of this should really be surprised if someone else exposes or the fast-food joint in the future but hey at least they're actually giving us a real food taking the number nine fake food believe it or not some companies out there have been known for making fake food using non-food products plastic bags apparently having used in the creation of fake right looking exactly like the real deal the only thing given away Stingley slightly chemical smell it possesses also have you seen the word cellulous in the ingredients list of your favorite snack foods like pretzels cellulous is a another word for would call aka not food aka wood even worse the FDA has set no limits to the amount of cellular food makers can legally put into their products without having to inform customers these unlikely USDA who regulates meats they have a limit of 3.5% cellulose as they can be added to any meat products that want its approval using plastic bags to make rice however eat illegal any where you put it number eight reduced portion if you're a fan of fast food or just like watching Conan O'Brien you might remember an incident a few years back when actor BJ Novak went on the show to complain about how the famous cabbage cream egg has shrunk in size between 2005 and 2007 during off the eggs were a couple of grams smaller the v-j it was a personal quest to get a gripe out on national television but it's a prime example of something happening to food all over the world over the long run companies have lower the sizes of their products years after years and without any form of notification or more importantly a lowering of price so over time you're paying for the same amount of something there will end up being significantly smaller in size these problem is also made worse with the addition of different sizes of food being introduced for no particular reason has the Reese's Cup met the same fate as the calories cream eggs or are we just having problems telling the difference between these several different sizes of Reese's cooks now on the market

 the answer seems to be both as their sizes have gone down in recent years but at least you can drown your sorrows in a Reese's big cup for a dollar more than a normal two pack number seven ice cream companies who doesn't love a cold creamy bowl of ice cream with all of your favorite ingredients chocolate a brownie food ribbon and of course a helping hand of air which none of those ingredients did you have a problem with be careful the next time you think you're saving a book or two on your favorite treats because cheap ice creams are usually so cheap because the final product is being went together they add more air into the mixture to make it fluffier which is pretty much a fancy way of saying that the ice cream has the same amount of air as there is actual ice cream and sometimes it's not even the cheap brands that actually do this bring us the high quality ice cream in the protein black boxes started shifting many of their flavors from being labeled ice cream to frozen dairy desserts what's the difference you may ask well they weigh less and have a less fat both consequences of putting eggs air into the mixture you think about it if they can inflate the prices of ice creams

 then what else are they doing number six plumping that's right companies can inflate me contrary to its appealing name plump in easy delicacy not delicious way meat companies add extra water into their meat add little water weight to their product allowing them to charge you more for over flavored piece of meat and unlike cellulose this can be up to 30% of the total weight of the meat you're buying an easy way to spot this is to look on the food packages for a note saying that the meat was prepared or injected with up to X amount of solution usually that solution consists of salt water and other preservatives but a lot of the meats that carry out those labels are frozen this means that once the meat is defrosted a lot of that solution is going to drain out as part of the Goron process making it pretty much pointless 30% of what you paid for just strings out with nothing to show for but an empty wallet what a shame number 5 misleading visuals and modeling is a legitimate profession these days why is that revelant because in this age of Redlands advertising fast food companies need to figure out the best way possible to make their food look good now a lot of companies will just use Photoshop on their food or just take a picture of a sandwich that couldn't possibly come out of one of their kitchen but some of the companies have even gone a step further in their TV advertising by getting people with the smallest towns possible to hold their food making it look larger by comparison Burger King got a commercial bound by the Advertising Standards Authority back in 2010 but deliberately misleading customers on the size of their chicken sandwich by using this exact trick getting your commercial banned by a country for being racy is wanting but and when you get fanned by the people who make deceptive commercial for a living because your commercial was to Detective you know you've reach peak sleeves at times the other companies have been known to simply misrepresent the size of a particular product as a trade name rather than an actual measurement

one example of this is Subway's footlong sandwich the footlong wasn't actually a footlong which got them smacked with a class-action lawsuit in 2010 that was settled into thousand fifteen so way got off relatively scot-free with needing to only pay lawyers fees and provide a promise that they will ensure their subs are twelve inches long moving board number four over pricing it sounds kind of obvious right but all like shady marketing practices it's a bit more complicated than it seems turns out there's a psychological phenomenon known as anchoring and it's used in a lot of sit-down restaurants to trick you into thinking you're getting a good feel on your meal you see by putting the most expensive item on the menu incentive focus the other items are random seem much cheaper by comparison almost like the others are a great deal but in reality they're quite likely to be just as overpriced themselves you think that fifteen dollar appetizer that caught your eye looks like a deal until you discover that it only takes the restaurant around two dollars worth of ingredients to make as a result you're paying over seven hundred percent markup that you had no idea even existed you just knew that it was cheaper than the most expensive thing on the menu number three free peanut ever wonder why bars and places that serve alcohol will often supply you with an endless supply of pretzels peanuts and the occasional Tortelli chips that's because it makes you thirsty when places with a liquor license need to make some money so salty little snacks are the first line of attack to keep your throat dry and your lips parched so you'll always be ready for that read book on your beverage but I guess compared to the other cheap moves on this list this one isn't that bad things you end up getting some free peanuts out of it hey at least they're not made from plastic or cardboard number two best buy and sell by day now while there are a lot of arguments about the necessity of these things in the first place and indeed how needless they seem of something like a box of mac and cheese the day is printed on food have been a pretty reliable way for us as customers to ensure that we're getting the freshest possible product except of course when the supermarket's we get them from realize that they can use the dates to make things seen they last a lot shorter than they actually do again you coming back again and again for that stuff supermarkets have been known to take all the food with a plug to sell by date and make it more prominent in an effort to get you to buy it if you don't get to it after you buying it you'll end up throwing it away based on the sell by date which is just another contribution to the millions of tons of food that gets wasted pointlessly year after year but more importantly to the company's bottom line it's not having your special snacks because of these short shelf life essentially guarantees that you will need to come back and restock sooner than you expect it while you're there you may as well pick up some overinflated meat and ice cream number one at bar during guaranteed a few people will complain they're getting unlimited snacks while waiting for your drink is a little shady when you consider the fact it makes you thirsty but what will really make you stand and revolt it's a fact that some are less scrupulous bar owners will use thicker glasses and the devious use of extra ice tricks to make your glass seem fuller than it actually is the extra Spacey ice takes up in addition to the thick glass tumblers both make for a glass that holds less liquor for the same price you can air without ice cream you can over inflate our meat but when you start screen with our booze that's when we get angry and that's why it is on the number one spot on our list just remember don't ask for ice and bring your own glass next time so a banners been the top ten food scams we always fall for if you did enjoy the video or found it interesting then while I go check out one of our other videos by clicking a video on the screen now before you do that though make sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications so you do not miss a single upload but anyway thank you very much for watching and I'll speak to you in the next video



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