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Top 5 Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Top 5 Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist Welcome back to sowhat and today guys we are going to be looking at 5 animals that you ...

Top 5 Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
Top 5 Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Welcome back to sowhat and today guys we are going to be looking at 5 animals that you will not believe actually exist so over the past few months we've been going over animals you're glad that exists Pokemon you're glad don't exist but I thought what we would do today guys and go over some animals that actually do exist. guys let's get it coming in at our number 10 spot guys we have V Narwhal so this is something that I've seen over and over again in pictures and and memes and stories and I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit that I didn't know these things actually exist so what is it narrow wall you may be asking well maybe not but some of you are probably like you what the heck is this thing was basically just whale whatever but it's got a giant horn like not even a horn it's got a giant sphere on the top of its head so gnarly lives in the Arctic Ocean around Greenland Canada and Russia and they can be between four and six metres big as well they're tough or I should I say giant spike can be up to three meters or ten feet long so basically what a narwhal is is it's like a whale that was crossed with a unicorn that is literally like what the spike on this thing head looks like I was just so surprised to realize these things actually exist because like Loki they look a little bit ridiculous and more importantly than that they almost just look like a fantasy animal that would be in some cartoon show or something moving down to the number nine spot on our list guys we have the lion's mane

jellyfish there's a light mane jellyfish is like any other normal jellyfish except for the fact that it is emit so this jellyfish lives in the Arctic North Atlantic and Northern Pacific Ocean which is basically everywhere is north but what makes it so amazing is it is the largest out species of jellyfish in the world the longest ever recorded was 2.3 meters were seven feet big okay whatever here's where it gets stupid the tentacles were measured at 37 meters long or a hundred and twenty feet know what's so interesting about these jellyfish is like all jellyfish the tentacles will sting you and interestingly enough they are not deadly and have not been known to kill people however due to just the sheer volume of stingers of these things have it is recommended that you seek medical attention if you are to be stung by one number eight the Irrawaddy dolphin so I'm sure we've all seen dolphins before we've all seen whales maybe even Narwhal but if you've ever seen and Irrawaddy dolphin I think of this entire list this is my personal favorite just because it's so freakin cute it's like a dolphin but just completely derpy looking and and honestly this thing should be a meet dolphins are extremely

intelligent and very very interesting animals but he wasn't this guy he kind of looks like the Dolphins dumber cousin that being said look at what happy my man look he's just vicious swimming around like he's got this huge like kind of derpy wicked smile on his face dude I freaking love this thing these things are only found in the Bay of Bengal which is in Southeast Asia anyways the obvious reason they are on this list is just because they're so cool-looking and they are our number eight spot coming in at number seven we have an animal that you guys have probably seen on the internet before but is another one of those things that I had no idea actually the blob fish so the blob fish is a really just kind of gross weird-looking fish that lives in the deep waters off the coast of mainland Australia Tasmania according to Wikipedia the flush of the blobfish is primarily a gelatinous mass with a density slightly less than one this allows the fish to float above the seafloor without expending energy or swimming it's relative lack of muscle is not a disadvantage though at the primarily swallows edible matter that floats in front of it so basically this is just like a floating blob that that eats whatever happens to pass in front of it this guy was absolutely pathetic because you imagine if this thing were to just like wash up on see you you do think that this is like a demon number six the Leo pond it's actually a crock of a leopard and a lion the real pond is in fact a hybrid resulting in the crossing of a male leopard with a female lion no person for most I find it very interesting that different breeds of cat are actually able to make but for some reason I just find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that you can take two different cats with a lion and leopard and they will make a new cat and specifically the Leo pond so this is a very uncommon type of animal hybrid as the only way that this can actually happen is if they were forcefully bred in captivity I find this thing to be super interesting just because it looks like a lion it has the spots of record number 5 the goblin shark now when I mentioned the blobfish you may have recalled me saying demon you would think that this is like a demon and I think we actually might need a new example for a demon because the goblin shark is a demon so this is another deep-sea animal which is very uncommon to actually see and it is sometimes referred to as a living fossil its lineage dates back all the way to 125 million years ago it's got this like super elongated sort of flattened nose or snout and the jaws work those job okay not to mention it's ridiculous they like to eat so this thing is going on the list

Cheerilee for it's absolutely scary image these things can grow up to four meters or roughly 12 feet long so to all you people out there that are scared off normal sharks like your great white whatever you need to get your phobias in line here because the goblin shark is some next-level terrifying animal all right moving away from the purifying animals guys coming in at our number four spot we have the Panda and oh look at this little guy like a he's like white and black and all cool colors and fun facts is not actually an an okay I was about to say I don't know where the name comes from but let's be honest I mean this thing does look like an hand it's actually a walk dude what this is this is like so disappointing it's like this it's a bug that it's actually cute right I'm like okay based in the animal kingdom look a little bit restored and far as like a creepy thing to go but no it's a walk wasps are literally one of the worst insects ever and this guy he's disguising himself as this cute little little bug but no he is not a bro he is a terrifying bug he is a walk and he comes in before number three the like so if any of you oh they are like me you are probably thinking that they are only exists in the movies Napoleon's diner so much like Ally upon the lighter is a crossbreed of two different animals it's a cross between a male lion and a female pike okay Pat what's the big deal I mean it's like it looks like a normal cat other thing that is so mind-blowing about this animal is they grow bigger and tend to be stronger and both of their parents counterpart you see what I'm saying here you take a lion and you take a tiger okay they've got their respective sizes right you can crossbreed them and you get this like way bigger play faster and stronger animal but even crazier though is the liger is considered to be one of the biggest cat in the world I don't understand how that works my brain just cannot process the genetics of that but that's pretty cool not to mention it was in Napoleon diet number two the naked mole rat naked mole rat actually exists my day my mind everything that I knew is a lot so the mole rat lacks pain sensitivity in it in it also has a very low metabolic and respiratory rate and that's all there's a way in the gap spot because of the tunnels out of burrow through it has to rely on low amount of boxes and sticky in to survive the one fun fact about these and and they have a very high retention of getting turn and camp you want to be the extra bonus back about these things they can live up to 32 years long longer than your cat that's longer than your dog that's longer than some people so guys coming in act our number one spot on the look at ten animals you didn't know actually existed we have an alien a creature that has three heart a creature that is able to change its color and in two blending with the environment a creature that when loses its arm can grow back and you know must've actually a pretty common animals that you might actually really listen ladies and gentlemen we have the octopus okay I know it's a thank you pat the octopus I've heard of this before but trust me you haven't truly heard what an octopus actually is Society has this weird thing of making animals

looks way cuter and way more night to them they actually are like bears are a great example but the octopus is the most insane animal on the planet we've true and all been sleeping on the octopus the octopus is an invertebrate now what that means is it doesn't have any tones rendering its boneless insert moment disappears but invertebrates are notorious for being super simple and non complex organism for example you have starfish worm and not the octopus though this thing is an invertebrate has an incredibly developed nervous system and it actually capable of learning some experiments have shown do these things are capable of both puzzle distinguishing shape and even pattern not only that but they're capable of developing a short and long Emily they have eight tentacles three hearts then I mentioned the fact that they can change their color and extra is the only reason we don't think of the octopus being an alien is because we're used to it if you found this thing on Mars people would be freaking out anyway so guys that is going to be to look for today I hope you enjoyed this one again guys.



Sowhat: Top 5 Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
Top 5 Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
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